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About KTIA



Founded in 1900 as the Kansas Independent Telephone Association, the organization represented rural telephone companies whose operators provided customers with service from switchboards in the living rooms of their own homes.

From crank-type phones to cell phones, the industry has changed tremendously during the past century, and so have the goals and services of the Association. In recent years, the organization became the Kansas Telecommunications Industry Association. Members now include companies that provide local telephone service, long distance service and wireless service, as well as firms and individuals who provide services and products to support the telecommunications industry in Kansas.

Mission Statement

The purpose and objective of the Association is to further the highest and best interest of telecommunications companies engaged in the telecommunications industry and the public they serve, and of promoting in all reasonable and lawful ways the spirit of cooperation and harmony within the telecommunications industry.

KTIA Member Services

Networking Services

  • In a dynamic business environment, KTIA provides its members many opportunities to network and continues to seek ways to strengthen ties with other industry members.
  • KTIA is a sponsoring association and the administrator for the annual Mid-America Telecom Showcase and Seminar (MATSS).
  • KTIA hosts various conventions and educational seminars throughout the year.

Legislative Services

  • KTIA is a valued resource for its members in influencing telecommunications legislation and regulatory issues and continues to be a strong voice in Topeka and Washington, D.C.
  • KTIA hosts an annual dinner for all Kansas legislators.
  • KTIA distributes a newsletter to its members, legislators, regulators, and other audiences to keep them informed about telecommunications issues.

Services For Those With Special Needs

KTIA is the administrator for two important Kansas programs that ensure telecommunications services are available to Kansans with special needs.

  • The Kansas Relay Service, Inc. (KRSI) handles the financial and administrative responsabilities of the relay service provided in Kansas.
  • The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) oversees the distribution of telecommunications equipment to Kansans with disabilities or impairments.

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